Into The Storm

Release date: August 8, 2014 Into The Storm

There is no calm before the storm.

We’ve had our fair share of big budget disaster flicks: Waterworld, Volcano, 2012, and The Day After Tomorrow. While not a new concept, Hollywood always tries to redo a “winning” formula. This time they married two genres to create Into The Storm: Disaster meets found-footage!

I was truly hoping Into the Storm was a simple remake of 1996’s Twister; and that the tornado had a twitter account where it would make snarky comments about the damage it had done. Sadly technology isn’t apparent in this movie other than go-pros and loss of cellular service.

Into The Storm primarily follows two groups of people dealing with the biggest tornados ever seen on earth. Both groups, one professional storm-chasers and the other a family documenting the local high school’s graduation, recording the day’s events. Little do they know they’ll be documenting a pretty jaw-dropping shitty disaster. Oh, and there’s comic relief, as if you needed any as the film also follows a band of hillbillies who just want to be youtube stars. Editor’s note: I don’t believe these guys would understand how to get on the interwebs to begin with.

Pushing this flick is director of Final Destination 5, Steven Quale. If the director’s chair left any doubt in your mind at how bad this film could be, the credited writer is John Swetnam… You don’t know who he is? He wrote Step Up All In. I rest my case.

The Acting in these sorts of flicks is never all that memorable unless it is completely dreadful. In the case of Into The Storm the acting is passable; thankfully. Nothing really of note other than the continued face/attitude of Matt Walsh who plays Pete. Walsh plays a storm chaser with no character arc other than to some sort of shelter-aid to the rest of the cast, while being casually snarky.

The word that flew out of my mouth upon the credit scroll was “craptatuclar.”This isn’t a cardinal sin of a movie, but it isn’t very good either. While the amazing sound design will be a treat for your ears, the delivery of dialogue acts as the cavity to the treats from the sound department. Found-footage films are rarely beautiful to the eyes, and Into The Storm is far from being an exception to this rule. The only reason I can find for forking over $12.99 or even $5.99 on a cheapy-Tuesday is that this flick won’t sound as nice in your living room. That being said you’ll likely want to skip Into The Storm as it gets The Toilet.


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