TCPW Showcase Sunday III: The Bone Collectors (C) vs Night Train Express

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December 17, 2017

Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling’s Showcase Sunday III Torture Chamber NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship Match

The Bone Collectors (c) vs The Night Train Express

Commentary by Tony Stabile & Dr. Bob

TCPW Showcase Sunday III: Alex North (c) vs. Jake Matthews

December 17, 2017 Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling”s Showcase Sunday III Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo (Montreal Quebec Canada) NWA British Commonwealth Championship Match NWA British Commonwealth Champion Alex North issued an open challenge for his title. Former NWA Quebec Heavyweight champion “Paranoid” Jake Matthews steps up to the challenge.

Commentary by Tony Stabile & Dr. Bob

TCPW: Straight Outta Chamber 2015: Dru Onyx vs Dom Boulanger

26/09/2015 Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Straight Outta Chamber 2015 Dom “The Dominator” Boulanger making his Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Debut against his wrestling coach and mentor, Dru Onyx.

Commentary by yours truly.

TCPW Showcase Sunday II: Dom Boulanger vs Alex North – Championship Fight!

Quebec wrestling veteran Alex North faces off versus “The Dominator” Dom Boulanger; fighting for the vacant NWA British Commonwealth Championship.

Commentary by yours truly…

TC PRO Wrestling – Ultimate 8: NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship Match

Rowdy Wrestling

One of the three non-tournament matches on the April 23rd, 2016 Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate 8 Junior Heavyweight Tournament DVD. Longest NWA Canadian Tag Team Champions Kickin N Stompin (Ivan & Stephen Sullivan) put their titles on the lines against the Bone Collectors (Dru Onyx & Mike Marston) acc. by Joey Soprano

Commentary by Tony Stabile & Nico Marshall

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#mtlscrewjob 20 years later with Pat Laprade

Rowdy Wrestling

1997 was a terrible time for the WWF; and facing the lose of one of his biggest stars, Vince McMahon colluded to remove the WWF Championship from Bret Hart in a way that would shape the world of pro-wrestling forever. Join us as Pat Laprade shares the details of the fateful night and aftershocks felt around the industry.

Let us know what you think about the #montrealscrewjob!

Laprade’s new book: MAD DOG: The Maurice Vachon Story

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