Guardians of the Galaxy

Release date: August 1, 2014 GOTG

When things get bad, They’ll do their worst.

In Marvel Studios latest chapter: a simple earthling abducted from earth in 1988 finds himself at the centre of the Galaxy’s greatest challenge.

Peter Quill played by Parks and Recreation’s Christ Pratt is a smooth talking yet misunderstood earthling caught up in the middle of an almost-war between two alien civilizations; when he is in possession of a mysterious orb that seems to have gotten the attention of many parties. While being head hunted by scavengers he betrayed, Quill is targeted by bounty hunters Rocket and Groot who have Gamora between them and Quill. Gamora has been sent by Ronan a dangerous ruler bent on destruction, to retrieve the coveted orb. After all four are arrested they meet Drax the Destroyer while in prison. It is there they all realize they must fight together to survive and save the galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t hold back. Within the first moments of the 121 minute film we are introduced to a quick yet deep backstory to who Peter Quill AKA Star Lord is. Being abducted moments after the passing of his mother, the film jumps 25 years into the future to 2014 where a grown up Star Lord is doing a great job being the intergalactic Indiana Jones. We’re slowly introduced to the other stars of this film but what might seem as chance.

This flick’s look and tone are upbeat and fun. Never staying dark for long; yet enough to take us on a wild ride of emotions. It harkens back to the feel and thrill of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope! I even say Guardians of the Galaxy is the Star Wars film we were looking for in 1999. Abrams, take note.

While the action is quick and colourful, the film doesn’t fall victim to the “Michael Bay Effect” of not being able to decipher what is going on while people or metal things are fighting. This colourful feel isn’t just in the visual aspects of Guardians. The film’s score and soundtrack take us back to a simpler time on earth. A time that Peter Quill knew.

The acting is never cheesy, even during the subtle romance scenes. Everyone from Pratt to Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, John C. Riley and yes, even Dave Bautista brought their A-games! Big Dave even stole many scenes himself.

I may still be riding the high of a fun ride, but I have a hard time finding negative points about Guardians of the Galaxy. From the colours, to the sets, and the CGI; GotG is a treat for your eyes. The story is complex, yet simple. And you’ll even fall in love with a tree. They may not be good at much, but they’re the best bet as saving the galaxy.

My friends… Guardians of the Galaxy is Verified Awesome!


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