Project X

Release Date: March 2, 2012 Project X

For an R-rated comedy, there sure are a lot of boobs!

I barely sat down for Project X this week. And I mean barely sat down as for most of the movie I was either jumping, cheering, cringing or booing heavily.

I have no idea where to start with this flick! Project X was directed by directing virgin, Nima Nourizadeh. This guy has previously worked on the 2002 documentary AIt was written by Michael Bacall whom once wrote the old film from this year, 21 Jump Street! The Hangover director Todd Phillips also produced this thang, so you know you’re in for a while ride full of twists and turns.

So the story goes like this: A 17 year old guy named Thomas is about to celebrate his birthday in the best possible way. His parents are leaving town for the weekend and he wants to throw a party with “just enough people to be cool.” Only problem is, he isn’t mister popularity and his friends aren’t like The Fonz. However, if there were like  Fonzie today I doubt they’d be cool anyway. His buddy, and allround teen wannabe-douche Costa gets some goth kid to follow them around all weekend with a camera, thus explaining the “found footage”-ness of the flick. What happens at the party is a total alcohol, drug, mob, boob craze.

What Worked:

– The Comedy. This was an extremely well written movie. One can only assume that practice makes perfect as Bacall wrote this in between the scripts of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and 21 Jump Street. The jokes never really stop coming at you. You pretty much have enough time to come down before then next one gets your cheeks hurting more.

Thomas Mann as the leading guy, Thomas. I really dug this cat. His needs and wants were apparent from the very beginning. His character went through a lot of emotions and this kid brought it to the table. He was much more believable than any of the three guys from Superbad. Sorry Michael, Jonah and McLovin.

– The Pacing. This film is extremely well edited for flow. I had very few moments where I was asking myself where this camera was shooting from. They made some great choices in what needed to be followed, or shot from afar. Leaving the viewer with a sense that they’re really following these guys and not just watching a film at the cinema.

What Didn’t work:

– Costa. I don’t want to blame Oliver Cooper for his performance of take on that sleazy, teenage douche-bag loser, but this character didn’t have one redeeming quality. I couldn’t find myself relating or rooting for this kid.

– A couple of plot holes! Yeah somehow this is where I think the editing screwed up. I’m a stickler for these things! I can’t have a scene where Costa texts something stupidly dirty to the girl of Thomas’s dreams (NOT A SPOILER IT’S IN THE TRAILER) and not have it have consequences.

The Lowdown:

Project X had an amazing effect on the people in the cinema. I have never seen so many reactions ranging from people cheering, to chants and even booing, all while laughing. Is this going to win an Oscar? Hell no! Is this a good time? Hell yeah it is. It helps you suspend the disbelieve and enjoy the story about a party we all wish we attended when we were in high school. To my 17 year old neighbour: Please invite me if you do actually do this.

Should you go out and spend your hard earned money to see this on the big screen? Yeah. It’s worth your buck. I wouldn’t call this a date movie though. Better Bro it. Because Project X is Verified Awesome.

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