21 Jump Street

Release Date: March 16, 2012 21 Jump Street

Raunchy when needed, but never cheesy.

I’m still laughing at this one. Guy and gals, I sat down for a very outrageous and hilarious night of rawboned Jonah Hill and stone faced Channing Tatum.

21 Jump Street, THE MOVIE was written by one of the dudes who brought us Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Michael Bacall and former fatty/shat of this flick Jonah Hill! This film is based of off the late 80’s hit TV show “21 Jump Street”, which is credited for launching the career of Mr. Johnny Depp. As much as it pains me to be entertained by something associated with him, This flick is AH-MAZE-ZINGAH!

This film follows bros for life Greg Jenko (Tatum) and Morton Shmidt (Skinny Hill) as young brash cops on the mean streets on bicycle patrol. The doltish duo are “tranfered” to an undercover operation after failing to properly arrest a drug smoking biker. Once there, they are assigned to a high school in hopes of taking down a drug supplier. Hilarity ensues.

What Worked:

– The casting. The CDs couldn’t have done a better job. I will admit that I didn’t believe Channing Tatum could pull off some R-rated comedy after She’s The Man, but he was a shining star here. I really enjoyed Dave Franco as that guy is always gold. (See Scrubs season 9) Jonah Hill was, as always on the top of this “dick and fart” stuff.

– The pacing. This flick does it right. Even though security guards took my iPhone before going in, (thanks Sony) I didn’t miss it. You never have the time to get bored because each scene is well timed and there aren’t too many moments between male gentile references.

– The language. It’s not for the faint of heart of thin skinned. We mustn’t forget: THIS WAS WRITTEN BY JONAH HILL. It’s dirty. And I like that in a comedy now and then. It’s got the language of Super Bad but the heart of “Barney’s Big Surprise.

What Didn’t Work:

– Duration. Maybe a tad short at 109 minutes. (I’m grasping at straws…)

The Lowdown:

This flick will rock your socks. It takes what we all feel like and puts it into practice! I have spent many night laying awake thinking about how high school would be if I went back now 7 years later. Would I fit in better or become a science dork? All that while getting into an insane high speed limo chase while wearing a badass white tux. The poster for 21 Jump Street should read: “Go for the name and stars but stay for the heart of gold and well timed penis jokes.” Because this flick is Verified Awesome!

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