The Internship

Release date: June 7, 2013 The Internship

Crashing the system… is not as fun as crashing a wedding.

In the immortal words of Jason the Red Ranger, “Back to action!” And I truly believed this action would be tickling my funny bone. Oh how I was slightly wrong. The Internship is a film about two lifelong friends attempting to get jobs at Google when their lives have sh!t the bed. Their apparent obstacles? They are both computer illiterate. They real obstacle? They’re kind of douchey and old. They, along with a group of misfits must band together to win the summer internship at Google to secure themselves jobs. What jobs? Google jobs. Vague, I know.

The Internship is written by Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern. It’s also directed by Shawn Levy, who is known for making the brilliant Date Night. This flick stars our dynamic duo of Vaugh and Owen Wilson, with a ragtag cast of rugrat actors like: Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Joanna Garcia, Josh Brenner, Dylan O’Brien and Tiya Sircar. I’m going to spoil my own review and say they shinning stars of this flick aren’t the ones who got paid the most.


– The supporting cast. These guys and gal, were cast into stereotypical roles but made it work. Now I don’t know if Vaughn just saved the good stuff for them or it was just their delivery but they brought the laughs to a less than haha film.

– Owen Wilson’s lovability. He always seems to play the guy that might be dopey. Might be a schemer. But has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. He’s the true heart of this flick. Kind of like Wedding Crashers.



– The Pacing. This film felt a little long and a little short.

– The plot. The plot holes are more numerous and deep than the pot-holes on the mean streets of Montreal in the middle of spring; or any season for the matter. Vaughn’s girlfriend leaves him at the beginning of the flick, there’s no resolution to this. And from there, it’s only a landslide of holes. What jobs are these people fighting for? Especially Vaughn and Wilson!? They could have cut out many things that created holes to make a tighter film. Or they could have tied those loose ends up, adding 20 minutes to the flick and sent everyone home completed. But they didn’t

– Vince Vaughn. I can’t take it anymore. The fast talking, bullsh!tting loveable jerk from Old School and Wedding Crashers is dead to me. Now he just rambles BS that doesn’t make sense and gets people to agree only to make him shut up. It’s as though he’s trying to be Chili Palmer from Get Shorty and Be Cool; only he’s failing at it big time. Please see what I wrote in my review for The Watch.


Sony pretty much buried this flick in promotions. I haven’t seen many adds, which is a good thing. I never wish for anyone to fail, but maybe a solid flop will push Vaughn to evolve as an actor and writer. The Internship is 119 minutes of googley crap. And if you fail to understand what googley means then this film will spit in your face at the end. With the exception of a few laughs, I spent most of the film wishing I was googling better flicks. The Internship gets The Toilet.


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