Release date: February 6, 2009

Never tell them the odds. Because the dorkiest one of them got the hot chick. WTF, man?

I guess it was fitting that Fanboys took like a million years to come out after being announced and even produced seeing as it is directly related to Star Wars, which took like 16 years between films. Lazy George Lucas.

I’ll be honest guys. This ain’t much but a nerdy nostalgia trip wrapped in a sweaty, fear-pee stained blanket with X-Wings and Millennium Falcons printed on it.

Fanboys is directed by Kyle Newman and stars Jay Baruchel, Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette and Kristen Bell. This flick also boasts many cameos from various Nerd-Hollywood celebs and Star Wars Allumi. Even Jim Kirk: William Shatner gets in on the action.

Taking place in 1998; this flick follows four friends and Star Wars fanboys Eric, Linus, Hutch and Windows as they embarque on a quest to break into Skywalker Ranch and watch a rough cut of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace months before it’s original release. They are fulfilling their childhood dream because Linus has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and won’t live to see it it come out on the silver screen. What happens on their journey is any fanboys wet dream, as they encounter opposing fans in the Trekkies and other nerd legends.

There was much hassel to get this film completed. Going though a million re-edited and reshoots, Fanboys went through BIG changes even in post-production. At one point the whole Linus is dying of cancer storyline was removed from the film. I ask where their motivation would have been!?


– The nostalgia. Many nerdy conversations had in this film I have had myself. I’ll admit it. I’m a Star Wars Fanboy. BUT that doesn’t keep this film afloat…


– The score and sound effects. It’s said that Lucas saw a rough cut of the film and loved it so much that he gave them the right to use all the original sounds from Star Wars. This would have been awesome had they not shot the poodle by just piling on sound effect after Artoo beep after stock metal clang. Sometimes less is more. Adding to the pain, the score just seemed like some fool wanted to make fun of the music of John Williams with Apple Garage Band.

– The Plot. Well the premise for the plot is fantastic and had so much potential. However, Anakin Skywalker had so much potential. He was “the chosen one.” But he still managed to f–k s–t up. We can also chalk it up to this film being re-edited a billion times. The break don’t taste too good with a 12 hands in the dough.

– The Star Trek references. If you can’t get the licensing or have the right to get images at remotely resemble the stuff you’re going to mock, just don’t. It was a stretch that only had a tiny pay off when seeing Seth Rogan kiss the decapitated head of a man’s statue.

– SUPER NERD OUT WARNING: Too many goofs and mistakes with Star Wars merch. MANY of the guys’ stuff included merchandise that was released years after The Phantom Menace was. Piss poor work there.


If you aren’t a Star Wars fan in the very least, this film is going to be garbage to you. If you love good cinema, this is going to be garbage for your eye-holes. Only in the niche realm of die-hard Star Wars fanboys who have a good sense of humour and self-depreciating tendencies do I believe someone will enjoy this film on a geeky-nostalgia level like I did. But if you don’t fit that mold, Fanboys gets The Toilet.

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