Ready To Rumble

Release date: April 7, 2000 Ready To Rumble

Sometimes two heads are simply more than one.

I have probably rented this movie more times than it would have costed to buy it three times. Yes I RENTED Ready To Rumble; and not only did I rent it, I rented it on VHS. (I’m getting old kiddies) For those of you who know me from my wrestling radio show, you know that I am a huge wrestling nerd. From the outside people see either this film as making fun of wrestling and its fans or taking itself  too seriously. I see this more as a celebration of the SPORT and SHOW that is pro-rasslin.

Based on the now defunct wrestling company World Championship Wrestling (WCW,) Ready To Rumble is written by Steven Brill (The Mighty Ducks franchise) and written by Brian Robbins (The Perfect Score.)

Ready To Rumble stars David Arquette, Scott Caan, Oliver Platt, Rose McGowan, Martin Landau, Diamond Dallas Page, and Bill Goldberg.

This flick follows slow witted besties Gordie Boggs (Arquette) and Sean Dawkins (Caan) as they infiltrate the real world of professional wrestling in an attempt to help their idol Jimmy King (Platt) back in shape and take back his position at the top of the company as their world heavyweight champion. Little do they know, there’s much more going on behind the jumbo-tron than guys “fake” beating each other up.


– The good hearted nature of this film. WCW was notorious for being sleazy on a good Christian PG channel (Turner’s TNT.) What this film presented was a small faction of evil doers amongst a sea of people with hearts the size of Big Bird. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan and can get over the campy nature of this film, you’ll walk away with a dopey smile on your face.

– The plot. Kudos to Brill for openly showing that pro-wrestling is a sport with predetermined results, yet giving some realism to the backstage decisions. It’s your typical “fallen hero” storyline, presented with action and fart jokes. Classic.


– The acting. Even with such awesome actors like Scott Caan and Oliver Platt, the acting in this film is atrocious. Downright scary. But hey, turn on WWE Monday Night Raw and you’ll see no better. At least the acting here is better than The Hanna Montana Movie AND Camp Rock put together.


This is a stupid film. But it’s like that slow kid we had in our class that didn’t have any problems. He was just good natured and nice but took forever to catch on to jokes or understand what the teacher was explaining. He’s a nice dude and you genuinely like him. Well that’s how you’ll feel when you finish Ready To Rumble. As brutal as pro-wrestling can be, this film’s good vibes and great times will leave you wondering if King and Boggs ever did win those tagteam titles! Ready To Rumble is So Damn Stupid It’s Awesome!

It’s still real to me dammit.

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