The Grey

Release Date: January 27, 2012 thegrey

Putting aside all the jokes and myths about the fact that Liam Neeson is extremely well endowed, I now know more than ever, if I am in a sticky situation I want Liam as my wingman. This guy is boss even when he’s depressed as shit.

I recently sat down for the action thriller: The Grey. This flick is directed by Joe Carnahan, who has previously blessed us with Smokin’ Aces. This is the second time Carnahan has worked with Neeson as they did the awesome 2010 re-make of The A-Team. So without any doubt, I went into the film with hopes of a lot of action and great action shots.

The Grey follows a group of outcast men in the harsh environment of wintery Alaska after they survived a plane crash. They must survive off of little suplies while being hunted by wolves.

This was definitely a heavy film! The action scenes are well dispersed amongst a bevy dark and emotional scenarios that leave you feeling not quite comfortable.

What Worked:

– Liam Neeson. A badass suffering from depression who still have the strength to be a leader.

– The dark tone. Even though there are moments in The Grey where the characters and the audience got to share a laugh, it didn’t diminish the needed darkness of a post plane crash survivalist story.

– The CGI. I knew these wolves were fake. But they looked like they fit in the environment. There are too many times I look at a film and see a CGI creature that doesn’t affect it’s surroundings or look like it has weight. coughcoughTWILIGHTcoughcoughJACOBcoughcough

What Didn’t Work:

– The score. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but sometimes it felt a little too playful for such a dark film.

The Lowdown:

You’ll get a big bang for your buck! This is a must watch film. But be warned. You cannot go see this if you’re having a bad day or are already a little depressed. This flick will not help your situation. However, if you aren’t depressed pre-film-watching you’ll be sucked into a world where nothing is “fine and dandy.” The realness truly pushes you into a zone of discomfort and fear. This isn’t a scary film. It’s more of a face-your-fears-film.

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