TC PRO Wrestling/Gala de Lutte Harley Davidson Rimouski Recap

Rowdy Wrestling

Hey gang, check out the music video/recap DVD preview of a TC Pro Wrestling show I called from July…

“TC Pro Wrestling show in front of 1500 wrestling fans in the Centre Premier Tech Arena! Recap showcasing current & former Torture Chamber members/alumni & affiliates.

Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo is Quebec’s premier wrestling school. Situated in 10015 De Bruxelles Montreal Quebec Canada. TCPro emphasizes the following, break-falls, rolls, basic fundamentals of chain & mat wrestling, body throws, submissions. The curriculum also include ring presence & psychology, microphones skills, & conducting one’s self in a professional manner in and out of the ring. The dojo is owned & operated by Dru Onyx. If you want a proper introduction & education, this is the school.YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN!

For more information contact or

Check out Tony’s Rowdy Wrestling Podcast sponsors Heels and Faces! A pro-wrestling inspired streetwear/lifestyle clothing brand!…

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