Bertrand Hébert

Rowdy Wrestling

BERTRANDIn this double header episode Tony first catches up with IWS Pro-Wrestling Dojo’s head trainer Superstar Shayne Hawke to promote IWS Bloodsteam Vol. 3 and the 4th Heavymania at this year’s Heavy Montreal music festival! Then author Bertrand Hébert joins Tony on Rowdy Wrestling to talk his latest book: Accepted, How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE of which he co-penned with WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson! They also discuss Bertrand’s earliest memories of wrestling, his fandom, other books and work with Pat Laprade.

Buy Accepted on NOW!

You can also find Bertrand on twitter. And listen to my talk with Pat Laprade about their other book, Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs!

Stalk Shayne Hawke: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IWS Dojo

HEAVYMANIA – HEAVY MONTREAL August 6-7, 2016! Click the link for more info. Now.

IWS Bloodstream Vol. 3 August 13, 2016


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