WWE Night of Champions 2014 Lowdown


In a pretty definite contrast to last NOCmonth’s Summer Slam event, I am pretty damn underwhelmed. The built up to Night of Champions was filled with really bad and boring television. I haven’t ordered a PPV in years due to my commitment/deal with Cinplex here in Montreal. Main Event Radio hosts what have been known as “PPV Bashes” at the cinema where people pay a pretty penny to watch the shows on the big screen. If anyone wanted to fork over 25$ a ticket to see this PPV they were sadomasochists, kool-aid drinkers or just creatures of crazy habit. Now due to the deal between WWE and Rogers in Canada those bashes are a thing of the past. We decided to make a last moment gathering with some fans at a local establishment. Once again, I didn’t directly pay to watch this craptacular PPV; just for drinks and scrumptious food.
That is enough with my bitching about the situation. Lets get onto the event itself. Just because the weeks leading up to the show were bad doesn’t mean Night of Champions had to suck. I mean with matches like Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins and Cesaro VS Shaemus for the US Title on the card, it couldn’t be bad… Right? Wrong.

Like last month I’ll also be tallying our predictions.

Gold and Stardust defeated The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championshipin 13 minutes. This was exactly how you imagined it: superkicks, dives and Stardust being awesome. This match started the show off on the right foot. A lot of back and forth action in this match with a fantastic flipping dive from the apron to an Uso on the floor by Goldust. The end came when Thing 2, I mean one of The Usos attempted a splash from the top rope onto Stardust; but ol’ Stardust got his knees up and pinned said Uso with an inside cradle. The main highlight of this match was the celebration by the Dusts. These guys just looked giggly and proud. No booing for the heels here.

Tony: 1-0 Ryan: 1-0 Mikey: 0-1

Sheamus beat Cesaro to retain the WWE United States Championship after a Brogue Kick out of the corner. I handily declared this bout MATCH OF THE NIGHT. This isn’t because I’m a Cesaro fan at all. This was pro-wrestling. This was two huge men going out in the ring and beating the Holy-Hell out of each other. There was a spot where I swear Cesaro slapped Shaemus at least 15 times in the face at full force. Many great false finishes towards the end, but it was a surprise Brogue Kick out of the lower TV corner that put Cesaro down for the count. This was another great 13 minute match. At this point I was sure the rest of the show was going to stand up to and possibly be better than Summer Slam. I was wrong; horribly wrong.

Tony: 1-1 Ryan: 2-0 Mikey: 1-1

The Miz with Damien Mizdow recaptured the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler with R-Ziggler in 9 minutes. Besides Damien Mizdown being a highlight, this match sucked. As much as Miz and Ziggler have wrestled each other, they aren’t consistant in their performances. This match had nothing good going for it, especially when two guys from some band I don’t know were at commentary and got involved. Miz picked up the W with a roll-up and more than a handful of Ziggler’s trunks. The man has a pretty defined tan line. This sucked.

Tony: 1-2 Ryan: 2-1 Mikey: 1-2

Seth Rollins VS Roman Reigns was scheduled next. However before the PPV, it was announced that Reigns had to have emergency surgery on an incarcerated hernia. Therefore he could not even be at the arena tonight. Seth cut a basic heel promo in the ring having the ref count out Roman and declare Seth winner by forfeit. Seth then called anyone out for a match. Any monkey with three broken paws and a blindfold could have correctly predicted the return of Dean Ambrose. Arriving by taxi, yes taxi, Ambrose proceeded to brawl with Rollins until it was finally broken up by agents and security. This could have been skipped honestly.

Because we mentioned on Main Event Radio that Roman would be unable to compete no predictions were made.

Rusev with the ravishing Russian Lana defeated Mark Henry via submissionto the Accolade in 9 minutes. This match was built up with patriotic pride. Henry was fighting for America. Henry was defending his country against a Bulgarian “now residing” in Russia. I like Mark Henry. He’s a nice dude. But the crying while Lilian Garcia sung the national anthem was a bit much. This match was as you expected it to be: slow for most of it. The finish came after Rusev’s second attempt to lock in his version of the camel clutch. Cue the Russia flag and Lana’s legs. This match was boring. I hate saying that because I do like Henry and I think Rusev is a beast and will be a big thing. But it is the wrong combination for a PPV match.

Tony: 2-2 Ryan: 3-1 Mikey: 2-2

Randy Orton beat Chris Jericho with a surprise RKO in the longest match of the night, going 16 minutes. What can I say about a match between The Viper and Y2J? This was your typical Randy Orton match. Slow to build a fancy finish. A match we have seen him do with countless other opponents. A few little spots that both Jericho and Orton can do with their eyes closed. Those spots can be called by all fans with their eyes closed too. What saddens me is this is likely the exodus for Jericho as his current contractual commitments to WWE are up! See you in a few months Chris.

Tony: 3-2 Ryan: 3-2 Mikey: 3-2

AJ Lee regained the WWE Divas Championship in a triple treat match versus Paige and Nikki Bella. This match was good. (Author’s note: Damn it felt weird to type that) Not much too this good little match. Nikki can take a sick bump. The girls brought back 2003 with a powerbomb-superplex combo that oddly left all three ladies on the mat. The finish saw AJ Lee winning via submission with the Black Widow. We are all winners with that match.

Tony: 3-3 Ryan: 3-3 Mikey: 3-3

My biggest problem with WWE Night of Champions stemmed from the main event and build to it. After the complete destruction of Super Cena at the hands of Brock Lesnar, the proper course of action should have been to keep Cena away for at least a month. But oh no, WWE can’t have time away from Cena unless he’s at death’s door. They immediately have the guy come back the next week and kill all the heat Bray Wyatt had and establish him as the legitimate challenger for Lesnar’s title. To make things worse, Cena at one point threatened HHH with a lawsuit if he didn’t have his rematch with Lesnar at Night of Champions. Yes, a babyface using a lawsuit as leverage against the heel boss. WWE has clearly been reading Vince Russo’s “Pro-Rasslin’ Booking for Dummies.”

John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion via disqualification. I won’t go into much detail of the bout itself. The match included a couple suplexes and the dudes looking like animals. The finish came when Cena had the upper hand and Seth Rollins ran out, clocked him with his Money in the Bank briefcase in front of the referee. Naturally this gave the win to Cena, but not the title. I imagine this will set up a match in the cage at Hell in a Cell, October 26 on the WWE Network for only 9.99American.

Seth, much to the surprise of the crowd curb-stomped Lesnar and proclaimed he was cashing in his title shot now. Predictably Cena recovered and attacked Rollins. Lesnar then thanked Cena with an F5 to end the broadcast.

For the sake of honestly I will count this as a win for Cena in our predictions.

Tony: 3-4 Ryan: 3-4 Mikey: 3-4

All three of us have come out in a tie. A losing tie, but a tie nonetheless.

This PPV was not worth the 9.99$ it is advertised for with the WWE Network and really not worth it if you buy it through conventional PPV. A bad execution to a poorly built PPV. Match of the night goes to Cesaro versus Shaemus for the US title. Unless forced to, I don’t recommend going out of your way to see WWE Night of Champions. Surprisingly I’d recommend last week’s IMPACTWrestling for a good watch or NXT Takeover 2: Fatal4Way.

Don’t forget to listen to our preview show for the latest news in the world of Pro-wrestling and out completed pre-thoughts/predictions of WWE Night of Champions.

See you all next Sunday on Websportsmedia.com for our collective review of this craptastic PPV.

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