SummerSlam 2014 Recap

SummerSlam2014I haven’t felt this way after a WWE PPV in a very, very longtime. Truth be told, I get excited for PPV then usually become jaded and somewhat bored about an hour into them. This was not the case with last night’s WWE SummerSlam!

Here I’ll run down my thoughts about each match. As a side note I’ll also include Ryan’s, Marades’ and My prediction results to see who predicted the PPV more accurately.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with the ZigZag to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This match was a brilliant way to start of the show. The crowd was alive and ready for this Ziggler victory. I thoroughly enjoyed the finish with the reversals leading to the ZigZag near the ropes. On the show, I predicted The Miz pulling the win, but hoping I was wrong. Boy was I happy to be wrong.

Ryan: 0-1 Tony 0-1 Marades: 0-1

Paige pinned AJ Lee after the Rampaige to win the WWE Diva’s Championship for her second reign. This was a solid back and forth match between two great wrestlers. While just under five minutes, these girls did a great job countering manoeuvres and not doing that silly Paigeturner finisher.

Ryan: 0-2 Tony 1-1 Marades 0-2

Rusev with Lana beat Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter, after Swagger passed outwhile in the Accolade. This match had much emotion built in. With the real life political heat between the US and Russia, the crowd just ate everything up. Swagger’s entrance was made special by an appearance of some US Army men. The main focus of this match was Swagger working on Rusev’s ankle; which Rusev sold like a damn pro. (Take notes Eva Marie) Rusev applied the Accolade, his version of the camel clutch a few times before Swagger finally passing out. The cherry on the top of this delicious match (besides Lana) was during the post match celebration/flag raising, was Rusev superkicking Colter.

Ryan: 1-2 Tony: 2-1 Marades: 1-2

Seth Rollins upset Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack match using his Money In The Bank briefcase, after a total spot fest of a match! Nothing of major note here. It was very entertaining. Nice spot where Rollins was being crowd-surfed back to the ring by the babyface lumberjacks and Ambrose splashed all of them from the top rope to the floor.

Ryan: 2-2 Tony: 3-1 Marades: 2-2

Bray Wyatt defeated Christ Jericho in a match where the Wyatt Family was banned from ringside. The entrances alone made this match awesome. Both men very in tune with their characters and how they fit in this storyline. Some great in ring action and brawling on the outside.

Ryan: 3-2 Tony: 4-1 Marades: 3-2

Stephanie McMahon pinned Brie Bella after Nikki Bella attacked her sister.This was beyond anyone’s wild expectations. Steph has always been a fantastic on air character; inheriting her talents from old Vinny Mac. But tonight was simply phenomenal! A more than decent divas match that told a story of a bully doing anything and everything to get what she wanted. I really wanna see Raw tonight to know why Nikki turned. For the record I mentioned a Nikki turn on air.

Ryan: NO PICK ON AIR! 3-2 Tony: 5-1 Marades: 4-2

Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton with a spear after a great back and forth match. This may have been Roman’s longest singles match ever. Orton usually slows the pace of things which puts a damper on the match, but I feel this helped keep Roman focused. The RKO counter to the Superman punch had everyone at the Scotiabank Theatre on their feet. When Roman finally hit the Spear for the win, the crowd went bananas.

Ryan: 3-3 Tony: 6-1 Marades: 5-2

In the Main Event of the evening: Brock Lesnar squashed John Cena for 16 minutes to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I never thought a 16 minute squash match would be so entertaining. The story during this match was John Cena’s unwillingness to quit even after 16 German suplexes, Brock’s use of sweat to waterboard Cena and relentless ground and pound. Cena did hit the AA early on and applied the STFU towards the end. However nothing could stop the beast Brock Lesnar. The heel’s victory sent the crown home happy.

Ryan: 4-3 Tony: 7-1 Marades 6-2

Overall a fantastic PPV that should entice any wrestling fan to pay 9.99$ a month for the WWE Network. I came out the winner tonight with a 7-1 correct picks.

Don’t forget to listen to our preview show for the latest news in the world of Pro-wrestling and out completed pre-thoughts/predictions of SummerSlam. See you all next Sunday on for our collective review of WWE’s biggest part of the summer: SummerSlam 2014!

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