Enemy of the State

Release date: November 20 1998 Enemy_of_the_State

It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.

It’s been a while folks. A damn long while. I apologize to the three people who read my reviews religiously. I hope you’ve discovered by friend Chris Hanna’s site and enjoyed his written delectables.

Much like the discography of Rage Against The Machine, Enemy of the State is more fitting in today’s culture than it was in the late 90’s. This flick has it all: Late 90’s tech, conspiracy theories, shaky cameras, the word enhance, explosions and actors like Will Smith, Gene Hackman,  Jon Voight and a slew of (then) soon to be famous actors; mostly funny ones.

Enemy of the State follows Robert Clayton Dean (Smith), an almost squeaky labour lawyer as he’s randomly pulled into an underground war a corrupt politician and the NSA are fighting against privacy laws. His chance encounter with an old friend who has evidence of the murder of Congressman Phil Hammersley makes Dean the target of a well oiled tracking/hunting machine with very few blind spots.

On his way to understand why he’s being hunted by Big Brother, Dean’s world is torn apart as his past sins pull his family apart. Alone with no one to trust he finds Brill (Hackman), an old man who looks like every other conspiracy theorist. Only he just might be the man to help Dean clear his name and expose the NSA. Only this is the late 90’s and Will Smith is in your movie, so he’ll be one to save the day.

The pacing fantastic. This flick is so well edited I wanna shake the hand of Chris Lebenzon. Who also happens to have edited another of my favourite films The Taking of Pelham 123. With the use of so many public/security/satellite camera’s for the big brother effect it could have been very easy to get lost in the jump cuts or digital tracking of Will Smith’s character. Thankfully Lebenzon didn’t fall victim to crappy cuts like anything from Michael Bay in the last 10 years.

The acting was solid on all fronts. Nothing much to highlight from the well known of the 90’s. But the little time we saw Jack Black, Jamie Kennedy and Seth Green I was very enthused. Jack Black specifically not being a complete, pardon my french twat-bag was a great surprise. In fact he came across as one of the smarter characters; but that could have simply been the fantastic writing.

Overall Enemy of the State is like the album The Battle of Los Angeles. Part of a revolution in the media of openly questioning the government and their evolving policies. A creation of the late 90’s far more relevant in 2014. This movie is packed with action and gadgets you’ll likely believe to be relics of an age long lost. Currently available on Netflix, Enemy of The State is a solid way to pass an evening. Verified Awesome.


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