Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Release date: April 18, 2008 FSM big

The Ultimate Romantic Disaster Movie is a smash hit.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those flicks that I can pick up watching at any point in its duration and have a good time until the credits rolls. Spawned by the writing heart of Jason Segel, who also plays the lead, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is somewhat autobiographical in that some of the events in the film are lifted from Segel’s life; like being buck-naked while being dumped. Not sure the girl in real life was as hot as Kristen Bell is though.

Directed by Nicolas Stoller (The MuppetsForgetting Sarah Marshall follows Petter Bretter (Segel) as he copes with life after TV star Sarah Marshall breaks up with him unexpectedly. He journeys to Hawaii in an attempt to forget his blonde bombshell of an ex. What really sucks for our boy Peter is the resort he chose to escape to, is home to a gang of odd personalities and is the place where is ex is vacationing and hooking up with singing sensation and sex guru Aldous Snow (Russell Brand.) What does rock for Peter is he meets the lovely and hot Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis.)


-The comedy. As un-athletic as Segel looks, these jokes were all home-runs. You could tell he took the time to perfectly craft all these moments so they were properly spaced to give me time to finally swallow my diet coke.

-Mila Kunis. This is the film where I really started believing in her. She has always been very hot; eye Candy if you will. However, I just never could see her outside of Jackie from That 70’s Show. But her vulnerability and sass really played well opposite Bell here.

-The running gags with Darald (Jack McBrayer) and his new wife Wyoma (Maria Thayer.) A religious newlywed couple learning how to…. umm… really consummate a marriage. The scene where Snow shows Darald positions with giant chess pieces is pure gold.

-The music. This is what probably got Segel the job for The Muppets he did a few years later. Doing a “muppet” musical for Dracula is awesome-sauce.


-Jonah Hill. I love me some Jonah Hill. But at this point in his career he was really typecast in that kind of egocentrically foul-mouthed role. Even if it’s well written it gets old quick after five films.


This film is that kid you have in your town who everyone knows. He’s a trouble maker with a heart of gold. He’s a sonic boom with a silver lining. This film gets away with some pretty risqué things, but because it’s moral is ever so present we forgive it and laugh along the ride. If you’re searching for a great date-night-in film, search no further than Forgetting Sarah Marshall because it is Verified Awesome!


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