Fast & Furious 6

Release date: May 24, 2013 ff6

All roads lead to this… a mini-van full of testosterone that preaches about family.

What can we say about a film series that started some 12 years ago? They’ve changed direction more times than Paul Walker’s 23-speed Skyline. The Fast & Furious franchise took off much like their cars and took pop-culture by storm. Not necessarily known as the most complex or “good” films, The Fast & Furious films have all enjoyed some level of success due to their tried-tested-and-true formulas of Cars, Dudes, Booms and boobs. This is to say I am a fan. I am all that is man.

This time around Justin Lin is still in the driver’s seat directing this thing. Along with him comes the majority of the crew from the last flick, and a returning Michelle Rodriguez.

The family as it is put so often in this flick is put to the test when Hobbs (The Rock) recruits them to help take down another group of international car enthusiasts who have a habit of blowing this up and stealing. What’s in it for the family? Full Pardons. What’s in it for Torreto (Diesel)? Letty (Rodriguez). Turns out our homegirl who died in the fourth film: Fast & Furious, might not be so dead. This means either Letty is a zombie (possible with today’s cinematic tastes) or sh!t is going down!

Also called Furious 6 and Fast 6, this flick follows the typical outline created by it’s predecessors, so it’s action packed with constant movement.


– The action. There was never any doubt in my mind that this film wouldn’t have big fights, big booms and some speed. The Rock really comes across as “Samoan Thor” and manhandles just about everyone he shakes hands with. The props I want to throw out there go to the ladies. Hot damn Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano have a down and dirty fight. They hit hard and tore each other up better than most men in films today. Crazy.

– The comedy. Anytime you have Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris on the screen you know that you were going to laugh. Though at times Gibson’s Roman was a little too much, Justin Lin kept it in check. Those quick moments of laughter thrown in during tense moments really keep the pace of the film on track.

– The look. Justin Lin brought his A-Game. Visually this may just be the best looking film of the series.


– The dialogue. To begin with, none of these actors will be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon. To be honest this cast rivals The Bold and The Beautiful in line delivery.

– The plot. This film goes back and changes facts from Fast & Furious (4). I mean they buried Letty. Did no one ID her body before they put it in the ground? Also Hobbs promised to catch Torreto and the family, so why is he so willing to just let them help and get full pardons!? What changed?

– The preaching. There was always the theme of Torreto being loyal. Loving his gang. However, now it’s getting to the point I feel he might start wearing cheap suits and appearing on Sunday afternoon television asking people to stand up and praise!


Fast & Furious 6 is a good time on NOS. They family does what they do best: drive fast, kick ass, crack jokes and look cool. If you’re looking for a film that’s familiar and safe for a date, this is it. It’s also a good time for the family as there’s only 1 F-bomb. While trying to tie up all previous films like Fast Five did, Furious 6 sets us up for the next instalment due next summer. More fun. Fast & Furious 6 is 80% Prime Awesome.

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