Top 5 Relationship Films


5. Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) 

The ultimate dysfunctional couple takes out their aggression while laying all their cards on the table when two secret agents are unknowingly married  for five or six years. Boy! This was the beginning  for Brangelina. Meeting on set and falling in love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took the world by storm with the best couple name. Yeah Bennifer sucked BOTH times. (Damn you Jenn Garner. Let Ben play with Kev Smith!)

Anywho. This is a fantastic relationship flick because all couples have secrets from each other. Granted, those secrets aren’t usually at the level of Secret Agentism, and more along the lines of fetishes or sex-change operations.

This film has it all for everyone. A little psychology, some sex, Brad Pitt and BIG BOOMS. A must see if you’re even remotely human or in a relationship… with a human.

4. Young People Fucking (2007) 

Don’t let the title fool you. Young People Fucking isn’t the latest update on (NSFW.) It’s avery original film dealing with many different  kinds of relationships at different points. The film   is split up into six chapters representing the different points within a sexual encounter. While a raunchy name and premis, YPF is a very sophisticated film with a great view on relationships. There’s a lot of comedy mixed in with the serious nature of some of the conversations couples (triples? Manage-a-trois? Gangbang?) face while dealing with issues in their relationship, personalities or between the sheets. It’s a film you should watch awkwardly with your parent in the room. Although, my grandmother enjoyed it.

3. I Love you, Man (2009) 

Bromances are relationships too dammit. And this film is for the 21st century man. Not afraid to share his emotions. (I cried during Toy Story 3. Like a baby.)

The odd dynamic between besties Jason Segel and Paul Rudd felt so raw, so real. It’s true that for most people, it’s tougher to make friends as they get older, and trying to make that connection sometimes feels kinda gay. I use that term with the utmost respect, because you really can compare the relationship between Segel and Rudd to that of a couple of 12 year-olds at their first boy-girl party/dance. Besides, hearing Rudd call Segel “Jobin” is worth the 105 minutes of your life.

2. The Last Kiss (2006) 

Probably the film that touched me most when I was 17. I was scared to death that would be how I would grow up: exactly how I wanted with no mystery or surprises.

Zach Braff does an amazing job as the lead in The Last Kiss. He’s got it all. The girl, the job, the house and a kid in the oven. (Not literally.) His buddies are all at different intersections too, and as their lives head for change so does his as he hooks up with college girl RACHEL BILSON. He the must be a man and own his choices.

Braff and Bilson are both HUGE reasons for checking out The Last Kiss. For different reasons of course.


1. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) 

What do you get when you throw, Steve Carrel, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Analeigh Tipton, Kevin Bacon and Emma “Number One on the list” Stone in a film? TONY’S FAVOURITE F–KING FILM OF TWENTY ELEVEN! The talent in this movie caused tremors in Montreal while they were filming in California. Cal Weaver’s (Carrel) life falls apart before him as his wife asks for a divorce during a date one night because she grew stagnent and slept with a coworker (Kevin Bacon!)

Now Weaver must gain his manliness back while under the tutelage of Ryan Gosling who turns out to be dating his smoking hot redheaded daughter (Stone.) The poop hits the fan when it becomes too much for Weaver to handle and he must do the right thing and show his son that it’s important to fight for love. At all costs. Even if it means embarrassing himself in front of the entire schoolbody. What comes of this film is a fantastic story of love, life and perseverance. A must watch for anyone. Period.

So there you have it. On the cusp of what is known as Valentine’s Day, these are movies that you could and should watch with your special someone during a romantic evening for two… Or three.

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