Top 5 Buddy Cop Films

I had an awesome cinematic childhood. My father let me watch every movie that was sure to be inappropriate for my age. At 5, my dad let me watch Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie, The Godfather and Friday The 13th, Part II! My dad rocks. He also had a taste for buddy cop films. You know, the ones where two cops with different styles and backgrounds are forced to work together only to become like brothers. This list is in celebration of those clichéd, yet awesome films that are worth your time any night you want action and laughs!

5. Rush Hour (1998) 

What do you get when you mix fast talking funny man Chris Tucker with Kung-Fu master of laughs Jackie Chan? A damn good time is what you get!

When a Chinese diplomat’s daughter is abducted in the US, a friend of the family and detective inspector from Hong-Kong, Lee (Chan)  rushes to America to help in the investigation. Unfortunately for him, the FBI wants none of his help and he gets partnered up with reckless LAPD detective James Carter (Tucker) to stay out of the action. Little does the FBI know that both men are on a mission to save the girl and make it to the big time of the FBI.

This movie is full to the brim with action, and racial stereotypes that will keep you chuckling for hours after you’ve rewound the VHS of Rush Hour.

4. Bad Boys (1995) 

Whatcha gonna do when Will Smith and Marton Lawrence run wild on you, BROTHER!?

This is another knee slapping good time. Bad Boys follows best-friends and narcotics detectives from Miami as they protect a murder witness as they solve the case of a boat load of stolen herion.

While mixing in a lot more drama and suspense in the plot when compared to Rush Hour or Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Lawrence and Smith keep the laughs coming while dealing with that serious sh!t. Their opposite lifestyles and attitudes are pure gold. You have the serious family man cop who complains too much with Smith’s too cool for school attitude that make the pairing of Walden Schmitt and Alan Harper seem tame and colourless. And it ends with a boom! Tony like big booms.

3. Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006) 

Bon Cop, Bad Cop is a wonderful export from Québec. Mixing the two official languages of Canada: Anglais and French! Starring Patrick Huard as the wild Québecois cop who doesn’t stop until the job is done, unless it involves the rest of Canada. So when a murdered man falls from the sky directly on the border between Ontario and La Belle Province (Editor’s Note: Not The yummy restaurant you fools! Québec!) he is forced to associate himself with single dad and dignified detective Martin Ward (Colm Feore) from Ontario.

Many laughs are to be had at both provincial stereotypes. Many gags about hockey and the queen are had. This is a film for eastern Canadians and those who know a bit about the northern part of the Americas.

With the current NHL lockout, it’s fitting that we all take a moment and laugh at Gary Bettman Harry Buttman.

2. Men In Black (1997) 

Will Smith is so nice, he made the list twice!

While Men In Black isn’t about cops, it does involve a secret non-government agency the polices the galaxy, so we’ll let it slide into number two on our list!

This time around it’s Smith who’s playing second fiddle to Tommy Lee Jones. Agent K (Jones) recrutes young hothead cop James Darrell Edwards III (Smith) to “Devision Six” the Men In Black (MIB.) What follows is 98 minutes of laugh out loud funny with space blasters, aliens and the comedic of Jones and Smith. It’s light hearted and doesn’t try to get up in your head like the two sequels. This film is all about having a good time, which you will have if you decide to watch it tonight.

1. Lethal Weapon (1987) 

This is THE BUDDY COP FILM. You have pre-crazy Mel Gibson with Danny “I’m not related to Donald Glover” Glover as cops who don’t seem to be liking their jobs  or each other. That all starts to change when they  must stop the drug smuggling GARY BUSEY!

Why do I even have to continue? That’s magic right there. Gibson, Glover and Mother Effin Gary Busey!

Anyways, this film has it’s fair share of deep and dark moments revolving around aging, suicide and drugs. But that doesn’t stop Lethal Weapon from delivering the laughs. It’s a must watch for anyone who likes, cops, Cops the TV show, comedies, dogs, onions, and unicorns.

These are my top 5 Buddy Cop films! There’s plenty more. What are yours? *Points index finger at screen!*

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