Rise of the Guardians

Release date: November 21, 2012

Yule believe in elves. And SERBIAN SANTA!

Happy Hardcore Holidays! It’s that wonderful time of year when families get together for parties that involve a lot of drinking, yelling and my aunt Gina  punching out my cousin Guido because he told her that the green dress she’s wearing makes her ankles look fat. Or is that just my family?

No matter how you choose to celebrate this time of year, religious or not, consumerist or not, alcoholist or not: there’s no better way to unwind after than with an awesome flick. Now if you break away from tradition by NOT watching The Godfather Part 1 this Christmas, and want something a bit more “Christmasie” I have the film for you! (let’s ignore the fact it takes place much closer to Easter though.)

Rise of the Guardians is directed by Peter Ramsey and written by David Lindsay-Abaire. When children’s beliefs are rocked with nightmares from The Boogieman, The Guardians must rise (see what I did there!?) and save the children and themselves from eternal darkness!  This film stars Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Alec Baldwin as Santa Claus, Hugh Jackman as The Easter Bunny, Isla Fisher as The Tooth Fairy and Jude Law as Pitch the Boogieman. Joining them is the mute Sandman, bringer of dreams.

The plot follows Jack Frost who is kind of jaded because he doesn’t know who he really is and is jealous because he isn’t believed in quite like the other mythical creatures for children Like Santa is. Suddenly when Santa’s shop is paid a visit by what he calls “Pitch” the rest of the Guardians must unite to stop this foe. Joining: Serbian Santa, Aussie Easter Bunny, Mute Sandman and the Lovely Tooth Fairy who isn’t The Rock in drag is a reluctant Jack Frost.



– The comedy. This is a kids flick that will have everyone chuckling; even old Uncle Scrooge. Properly timed with a heart, these jokes are homerun hits. While keeping this flick down to earth with the main characters we are treated to Santa’s Yetis and his elves who look more like mini garden gnomes. But damn I feel for those Yhetis.

– The Animation. Being a Dreamworks Animation production you can expect some awesome visuals. You won’t be let down. They’ve created a wonderful world filled with magic and simply phenomenal colours that fill up the screen. Its right on par with Up or Toy Story 3.

– The Score. Diverse sounds that tied together the world The Guardians were protecting for the children. The emotion follows smoothly along with what’s going on screen with no odd sounds like in Fanboys.


– The pacing. Sadly this is where they could easily lose some kids. Right around the third act they take a little too much time spoon-feeding Jack Frost’s character development to the point where I checked my iPhone.; which isn’t a good thing.

– The 3D. Not a fan of the technology. But I can appreciate when it’s done right or adds to the films wonder. I could have gone without the 3D here and it wouldn’t have changed my experience. Maybe it would have been better without those damned glasses on top of my own. You know because I’m pretty blind.


This is a fantastic film to see this holiday season. Even though it isn’t directly related to Christmas, the presence of snow and Santa help make the connection. Whether this is a date movie or a family outing, this is a good choice. Filled with magic found in little kid’s hearts, Rise of the Guardians is Verified Awesome!


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