Top 5 Christmas Films

I’m fairly certain that I am not the only person who sits back every Christmas break for some Christmas themed film marathon. It’s a staple like that uncle who gives oddly long hugs as he caresses your back or the two cousins who haven’t spoken to each other in 10 years but still make it a war to see who wears the better dress. It’s a season for getting together and enjoying life and what we have. (Also to enjoy what we just got!) For a cinefile like myself, movies play a huge role in the holiday season! So here’s a countdown of my top 5 Chrsitmas films!

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) 

Peanuts! This has been playing every year in my house for all 23 Christmases that I have been alive. Let me tell you, it might be one of the last things I watch when I die. A Charlie Brown Christmas which was created in 1965 was already talking about over-consumerism during the holiday season! With the world forgetting what Christmas is all about our boiiii Chuck Brown goes out of his way to bring Christmas spirit and joy back into his gang’s world. Unfortunately, like that football, Charlie Brown misses his mark. That is until everyone comes to their senses and they have a merry old time around that tiny Christmas tree.

Why is it so good? Well for starters if you have to ask, go brush your teeth. You have smell breath. Secondly, this is a warmhearted tale of Christmas values. Not religion, not money spending. But rather spending quality time with your near and dear. As Peppermint Patty would say: Thanks, Chuck!

4. Lethal Weapon (1987) 

Making another appearance on one of my “Top 5’s” is Lethal Weapon! Staring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover this may not seem like your typical Christmas flick! But it does revolve around Christmas time. I mean Riggs spends Christmas day at the Murtaugh house after nearly being killed with Roger some time before while hunting down a gang of drug smugglers.

It’s place on the list comes after watching it yearly at Christmas along with the first 90 minutes of The Godfather. You know up to the point where the guy wakes up with a horse head in his bed and screams for 5 minutes. Classic.

3. Home Alone (1990) 

Name me one kid who didn’t want to have the experience growing up and I’ll give you a nickel! (What? I ain’t not no rich guy) Starring a pre-weirdness Macaulay Culkin; Home Alone tells the story of a big modern family taking off for some fancy vacation for the holidays. Stupidly, they forget their little blond boy who slept in the attic the night before. While home alone Kevin (Culkin) actually does normal stuff like laundry and showering.

Things go askew when The Wet Bandits, known for flooding the homes that the burglarize target the boy’s home. He sets out to protect his pad with awesome homemade boobytraps. (hihihi booby)

2. Bad Santa (2003) 

Put the kids to bed before turning this bad boy on. Bad Santa stars Billy Bob Thornton as Willie the world’s worst mall Santa. He’s a drunk with poor morals and a question level of personal hygiene. He along with his helper elf Marcus scope out the yearly different mall they work in and rob the joint after hours. Along they way they encounter a bunch of odd and interesting folk. Including a very naughty Lauren Graham. After seeing this movie, you never see Santa the same way again. You’ll even think twice before letting your little one sit on jolly ol’ Saint Nick’s lap!

Adding to all this holiday bliss is the late Bernie Mac who simply destroys (in a good way) every scene he’s in. Bad Santa is a Good Holiday flick!

1. The Muppet Christmas Carole (1992) 

What more could I possibly say about The Muppet Christmas Carole that I didn’t already in my review of it last year?

This is a good time filled with little Muppets and Michael Caine! Together the reenact Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carole’ and knock that thing out of the park. (Baseballs/Sports reference. Man points) You don’t need to be a fan of either Dickens or The Muppets to dig this holiday cheer. But if you Humbug them little dudes; you’re just a Scroogie-Jerkface.

So sit back this Christmas season with loved ones and warm beverages with surrounding that new TV you may or may not have gotten from under the tree and plot in one or all of these films! I promise it’ll be a good time!

Merry Christmas or Happy Celebration Time to you and your gang.


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