The Perfect Score

Release date: January 30, 2004 The Perfect Score

The S.A.T. is hard to take. It’s even harder to steal. But why is it so tough to do when you have two Avengers on your team!?

Ah, The Perfect Score! A pubescent  version of Ocean’s Eleven? Me thinks so, yes.

Staring Chris “Capt Amuricah” Evans,  Brian Greenberg, Scarlett “On my list” Johansson, Leonardo Nam, Darius Miles and Erika “Big Swim fan” Christensen, The Perfect Score was written by Brian  Robbins (Ready To Rumble.)

This film promised to be The Breakfast Club or Dazed and Confused of the naughties. While borrowing many elements, along with some from Brad and George this film comes up pretty short on the excitement scale.

A rag tag group of high school seniors must work together, even though most of them don’t come from the same backgrounds to cheat a system they feel has been cheating students for decades. Through in some quick edits and some lovely shots of ScarJo and we have ourselves an early 2000’s teen comedy film!


– ScarJo and Evans. While the writing is subpar and the other actors not really to their level, These two give us a glimpse at the caliber of actors they will become in not to distant a future. Evans is stuck in his usual allround good guy role, but he does it as if he were my best brah. While ScarJo taps into what Barney Stinson has dubbed “Daddy Issues” for her role of Francesca the girl with the webpage. Oh 2004, you make me laugh.

That’s about it….


– The dialogue. Hot damn the dialogue is as bad as reading the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope script with hot potato in your mouth. Unfortunately not everyone was as on their game as Evans and Johansson, so it came across pretty badly.

– The comedy. It really was Ho-Hum for most of it. There was no really OMFGLOL moment. Is that how the kids today say it: OMFGLOL? There’s some stoner comedy that feels really PG and kind of out of place.

– The ending. Everyone learned a valuable lesson without much consequence. Sure one guy got arrested. But he goes on to be an actor. That’s how all Hollywood careers start! C’mon! It feels very Disney… Do they own this too now?


This isn’t a long film. Nor is it a long review. For all the flack I give it for being quite simplistic and bland, it’s worth watching for the simple fact that you have Scarlett Johansson on the screen… Oh and a young (doesn’t look much different today) Chris Evans. You get to see the film they were probably forced into at the beginning of their adult careers. While not a knee slapper, it does have a solid pace that makes for a good cheap night-in. The Perfect Score Passes Inspection… only barely.

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