Here Comes The Boom

Release date, October 12, 2012 Here Comes The Boom

One teacher still believes in fighting for his students, in his bathing suit.

How did I ever let this one slip between my fingers!? The King of Queens and former teammate of Mrs Foley’s little hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley, Kevin James is kicking ass in Here Comes The Boom!

At face value many people still believe nothing could bring Kevin James back from Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Zookeeper. Not even the insanely funny Grown Ups pushed him back to the good side. I mean what could save Adam Sandler after Jack and Jill? Well. Here Comes The Boom has more than helped me forgive James for his sins against humanity.

A Happy Madison production that was directed by franchised Frank Coraci, Here Comes The Boom was written by Allan Loeb and Kevin James himself. What got me excited about this awesome film is the solid cast. You got “The King of Queens” Kevin James, Henry “The Fonz lost his comb” Winkler, Selma “HELLLLLLLLLLLLO NURSE” Hayek, and Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas “El Guapo” Rutten!

This flick follows a once awesome teacher now lazy 42 year-old classroom attendant as he regains his former passion while literally fighting to save the music program and job of a fellow teacher (Winkler.) In his quest he attempts to get with the sultry school nurse (Hayek) and befriends Niko (Rutten) a former MMA fighter turned coach who is trying to attain his US citizenship. I smell perfect date movie!


– The story. It’s a plot similar to what we recently saw with Bad Teacher. However, it’s the twists and turns that make this fun. The action picks up quickly and chucks along at a beautiful pace. Yes much of the story is foreseeable, but that doesn’t deter from the fun joyous payoff. It’s like we all know puppies are cute. But we all still love them. Every one of them. And if you don’t; well you’re a jerk-face. Jerk-face.

– The cast. So much chemistry amongst them all. It’s great when you can get some many huge personalities on screen at once and it doesn’t feel like one is stepping on the other. A strength shown in Grown Ups by Hayek and James previously.

– The camera work during the UFC fight. Wow. I really don’t know what to compare it to. But it was up close and rolled within the clutch. That’s the best I can do for explaining it. Just awesome.


– Being a B-movie and a Happy Madison production, this flick gets cheesy at times. For my personal tastes it’s nothing bad. Because it’s balanced with some solid humour like I know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. But I can see where some might be annoyed.


This is a perfect date movie. It has UFC action to satisfy the red-blooded males and a warm touching message about never giving up and doing what’s right, for the ladies. Fear not the as bloodshed is kept to a VERY small amount. Surprisingly small amount even. Here Comes The Boom is 80% Prime Awesome!

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