The Social Network

Release date: October 1, 2010 The Social Network

You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

I’m diving into the past. That’s correct: 2010. Back when times were simple and you could make a million 200 million dollars with a film about a billion dollar company, with Spiderman.

The Social Network; a story about nerds, rich nerds and a lonely “Serious Sheldon Cooper” type making and suing each other over a little site with a blue header. Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club) and written by Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom & The West Wing), The Social Network stars Jesse “I have a hot potato in my mouth, how ’bout you?” Eisenberg, Andrew “I’m Spiderman, Bitch” Garfield and Justin “MYSPACE” Timberlake.

David Fincher takes a beautifully crafted story which was based off the book The Accidental Billionaires and gives it his magical “Fincherster” touch. Fluctuating between their time starting Facebook, and two different depositions, Fincher takes the audience into a world filled with broken friendships, pride and loss. While Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) loses the court battles by settling out of court, the audience wins. Slow and deliberate, but jammed with emotion you just can’t help but get lost in the world of internet start-ups.


– The pacing. This film takes the “slow and steady” approach, but it’s so well spaced out that you don’t really notice the 121 minutes that Fincher took to tell this story. The film is incredibly well edited with the scenes balanced to not let usual court “blah blah” become the main focus.

– The acting. While the clear stars are Eisenberg and Garfield, everyone held their own. Now I’ll go on record and say Timberlake walked a fine line between rambunctious and annoying. Which at times might have taken away from his scenes.

– The score. Just like the pacing and overall tone of the movie, it’s slow and draws you in. Only noticeable during moments without dialogue.


– The third act. I understand that this is a film based on a book based on a real-life event, but it just felt like it lead to a drop-off. The final shots of Eisenberg sitting at his laptop as text explains people’s futures after the events of the film, just feel like they didn’t feel like shooting and extra week or two.


Don’t let the slightly sloppy ending stop you from watching/revisiting The Social Network. It’s tone and story are well worth the time and money it is to watch it. While you’ll want to punch every character at least once in the face during the movie, they all have a heart that makes you sympathize with them. In the end, you should go ahead and be antisocial for two hours and watch The Social Network because it is Verified Awesome.


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