In Time

Release date: October 28, 2011 In Time

They say “time is power.” I say JT only needs four minutes to save the world.

In Time, written and directed by Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show) stars Cillian “Scarecrow” Murphy, Justin “didn’t need to bring sexy back, because he never left” Timberlake, Amanda “Not so dead friend of Veronica” Seyfried, Johnny “needs a hair cut” Galecki, Colin McGurk and Olivia “two-syllable DAH-YUM” Wilde. This slice is sci-Fi action, or scifiaction is all about time. Time is money. people don’t have much of it while others have millions. Fair? My boy JT doesn’t think like them! So when he gets up to his elbow (see what I did there? it’s in their forearms!) in time, he sets out on a mission to change everything.

Niccol takes us into a world with a fresh concept. Much like his other flicks, this one opens your mind to a bunch of what-if scenarios. All you have to do is take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes.


– The concept. This was a new take on age old struggle between the classes concept. People say “time is money.” And damn they’re right. The unfortunate part is with this concept, they only explored the separation between the classes. I would have liked to see more government involvement past the “time-keepers.”

– The art direction. I mean this to include the look of their environment and the make-up. This film gave you two worlds – the people running on minutes and the bourgeois centurions. One was dark, dirty and generally hopeless but had soul. The rich had beautiful architecture, clean and lavish places that all kind of felt soulless. Adding to that was the fact everyone did stop aging at 25; however that wouldn’t stop the effects of stress and ware on their bodies. Some of those faces had a lot of miles n them. I’m looking at you Cillian Murphy!

– The pacing. This film is solid! Like a train. Not the little engine that could kind of train. I talking cross continental train. It keeps going at a pace that doesn’t tire you out, but you just don’t have the time to pick up your phone and tweet about JT’s dream blues or Amanda siefried’s chesticles!


– Olivia Wilde. I love her. I do. But they should have picked a less hot lady for ol’ timberlake’s mommy. The vibe I got from their interactions was far from family fun. Lets say just might of had some mommy issues when the camera wasn’t rolling. Ifyaknowwhatimean!

– The time. It could have been longer. Like I mentioned earlier, they gave us an ocean but only let us dip our toes in! The water’s great; why not dive in!?


As mentioned before: this film has an amazing concept. However, I feel Niccol kind of failed on the expanding universe around his story. With today’s blockbusters inching the three-hour mark, I feel he could have done this world right. But that’s not say this isn’t a great flick. luckily for you, it’s on VOD so time really isn’t a problem when watching it. Because In Time is 80% Prime Awesome!

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