Seven Psychopaths

Release date: October 12, 2012 Seven Psychopaths

Was it Dillinger who got shot in the eyeball?

Holy Honey Boo Boo on Gogo Juice; this flick is over the richter scale with everything and a bag of chips. That’s right I’m talking about Martin McDonagh’s latest film: Seven Psychopaths. Judging from the trailer of this beast, one could expect something odd and wild. But let me tell you, the trailer, unlike Hit and Run doesn’t give anything away!

Seven Psychopaths is written/directed by Martin McDonagh who has also done In Bruges, which coincidentally also starred Colin “I’ll knock you out cuz momma said so, also I’m Irish” Farrell. Who else is joining my Irish squeeze in this thang? A bunch of hollywood go getters: Christopher “I wish I could adopt you as my gramps” Walken, Tom Waits, Sam Rockwell, Kevin “Not really Grounded For Life” Corrigan and Woody “I miss Coach, but damn you’re funny” Harrelson.

This comedy starts off with a bang. Well two bangs after some witty, Kevin Smith-esque banter. This film is full of dialogue and blood. It’s constantly hitting it’s marks on the funny, but giving us just enough time to breath, before giving us to Tarantino style gruesome sh!t. Seven Psychopaths follows screenwriter Marty Faranan (Farrell) as he gets caught up in the mix with a bunch of – well, psychopaths. What makes the story even more ridiculous is most of the conflict occurs around a Shih Tzu.

Side note: I believe, or rather I’m hoping I correctly saw Crispin Glover (George McFly) in a cameo during a court scene side-flash.


– First and foremost: Christopher Walken. He gave us more of the same, but with a lot of heart. Strangely missing: his typical speech pattern.

– The dialogue: This is a talky film. It is really heavy on the dialogue. But it’s not heavy like Anthony Anderson on Hangtime. It’s heavy like The Rock in Fast Five. All muscle. And by muscle I mean it’s good. No one sounds like a normal person, but that’s ok because they’re all crazy and Marty is an alcoholic.


– The overall Pacing: Seven Psychopaths feels like a roller coaster that had engineers who thought it would be funny to have a horizontal straight just over halfway through the ride that would slow down for nothing. But thankfully it’s only for about 10 minutes, then the juicy stuff picks up all over again.


I’m not gonna sugar coat anything here. This film is a good time. Suspend your disbelief at the door when you walk in, because this one is wild and fun. Those who like gore or blood will get their fix. Those who love dialogue and films about life will get their fix. People who like movies with dirty words and some boobies will get their fix, because Seven Psychopaths is Verified Awesome!

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