The Cabin in the Woods

Release Date: April 13, 2012 The Cabin in the Woods

Holy bunt cakes Batman. Ever heard of the expression, “hell in a handbasket?” Well it fits here, only if you find handbaskets to be an effin’ good time!

The Cabin in the Woods is certainly a fun flick. It’s self aware nature lets us just suspend the disbelief.

Written by both Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, and directed and  produced by each respectively; this flick actually has a somewhat original story. Five college students head off on a weekend get away at one of their cousin’s newly acquired cabins. Little do they know, they are being set up to be sacrificed to some ancient gods. What is immediately clear, is that this film appears to be following “the rules of horror films” as each kid fits a stereotype to the letter. What’s cool about The Cabin in the Woods is they bring in a “governmental agency” and high-tech stuff to complete ancient traditions.

What Worked:

– The story: This was an incredibly well written film. Which shouldn’t be a surprise as you have the brains behind Toy Story, Captain America, Firefly, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and LOST! They managed to use the typical story of 5 teens getting slayen into something new and interesting.

– The comedy: Some really well timed bits here.

– Surprise cameo. Let’s just say. When you see it you will sh!t bricks.

What didn’t Work:

– Chris Hemsworth. This is far from a knock at him. But I cannot buy this guy as a college student who dies when he’s f***ing THOR! This is probably really a personal thing. But dam he looks young in this thang.

– There’s a scene where a bunch of creatures get released. On paper it might have seemed like a fantastic idea. But in practise there were just too many and it took away from the epic-ness of the feeling.

The Lowdown:

The Cabin in the Woods is a damn good date movie. No one jumped out as a star, and you won’t be remembering this film in 8 months. But you will have a good time and a couple of laughs. If you’re faint of heart you should skip this one as it’s pretty graphic. But if you can sit through a sea of blood and guts you should put some pants one and at least check this out on cheapy-Tuesday.

The Cabin in the Woods is Unconfirmed Awesome.

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